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“Nature’s Bounty Café nourishes the body and soul by serving delicious, organic food that is reasonably priced and delivered with exceptional service. We are passionate about providing slow food, which promotes better health for our customers, better health for our planet, and creates an ethical solution to fast food. As a successful Green Business, we empower people to make a significant difference through the simple act of buying a meal.


Since October of 2005, Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering has provided fresh, organic, original and delicious food through its restaurant and catering services to our local community in the East Bay, and throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country.

The entire service-oriented team at Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering is dedicated to always providing you with a healthy and happy experience, whether you just drop in for a cup of coffee in the morning or whether you are catering your event for hundreds of important people in your circle of friends or business.

Eat Local About UsEverything you will experience at Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering is created with a love for the craft of delicious and fresh food, and always made with organic, sustainably-harvested, “Fair Trade” products, including free-range, humanely-raised meats, local organic produce, and other local products from small companies.  Take a look at our vendors list…the quality speaks for itself.

While we do have great options for our vegetarian and vegan community, don’t expect “rabbit food” when you visit Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering.  We specialize in “comfort food” and what we call “slow food made fast” so you can experience the tastes you love with the fresh, healthy, organic ingredients that you expect from a high-quality establishment; everything being made from scratch, with care, just for you.

Green Business About UsWe are also a Certified Bay Area Green Business which means we adhere to a higher set of standards for sustainability and environmental performance.  This includes our compliance with specific regulations and implementing a specified number of measures to conserve energy and water, and prevent waste and pollution.  And we take pride in sharing that concept with our patrons while providing you with the confidence that you not only getting high-quality food and warm, welcoming service, but that your experience with Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering also helps to support a cleaner, greener environment.

We’d love for you to stop by, say hello and enjoy a meal with us, even if it’s just quick to grab and go.   Or give us a call to discuss catering your events, no matter how large or small.  We’re here for you, providing quality, friendly service, always delivered with a smile and an open heart. 

About Lynn Kutsal

Co-Founder & CEO of Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering

Lynn Kutsal About UsLynn Kutsal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering Company, based in Antioch, California, and has served in that role since the company’s opening in October 2005.  She is a passionate advocate of sustainability and organic foods and her business practices and Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering’s food fully reflect that passion.

Lynn considers it a personal mission to provide a two-fold experience to Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering customers.

First and foremost, she is committed to providing the highest quality organic, sustainable, local and healthy ingredients in preparing Nature’s Bounty Café meals for you, your family and your business.  Of course, along with that comes a dedication to providing the warm, inviting customer experience that makes you feel important and well taken care of.  Secondly, but equally important to Lynn is being able to share with you the importance of using organic and sustainable foods, and adopting a “green” lifestyle, both for your own family’s benefit and for the planet at the same time.

Under Lynn’s leadership, Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering has grown to serve as a preferred caterer to major corporate and municipal catering clients in the East Bay / East County and San Francisco Bay Area such as PG&E, Sutter Hospital, Comcast, Los Medanos College, Contra Costa Water District, Bio-Rad, GWF Power, City of Antioch and Delta Diablo Sanitation District.

Lynn has over 30 years of food industry experience, including serving as Manager of the Duck Club Restaurant at the Lafayette Park Hotel, and as General Manager for Lucas Wharf in Bodega Bay.

In addition, she is actively involved in the growing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement and operates an organic food cooperative in Antioch, serving many local families.

Lynn speaks regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area to educate both consumers and the business community on green business, organic food and sustainability.