Why Eat Organic?


Why Eat (and Buy) Organic Food?Organic Stamp 300x225 Why Eat Organic?

When you are as passionate as we are about the organic, local and sustainable foods we offer you as our valued Café patron or catering client, it can be a challenge not to get up on a soapbox and sing the praises of buying and eating organic food.

But we also know that you are looking for sensible and practical reasons to support a commitment to eating more organic foods. 

To help you more clearly understand the many benefits to you, your family and your company by choosing organic, local and sustainable foods, we’ve compiled what we believe are the top four reasons for buying and eating organic:

 #1:  Personal Health

This is pretty simple.  Virtually all conventionally grown products are exposed to varying levels of chemical fertilizers and pesticides during the course of their growing cycle and this is not something you want to put into your body or feed to your precious family.  Certified organic growers are committed to providing you healthy, pesticide and chemical free foods and would never even consider employing conventional strategies, even if they could do so. This means that by buying and eating organic, you and your family have to be concerned about pesticides and other toxic residue in your food or in your body. 

#2:  The Health of the Environment

No chemical residue on plants means no chemical residue in the soil and no chemical runoff to contaminate our drinking water.  Organic growers are more in touch with the Earth; committed to the health of the soil in a sustainable fashion that will allow for generations of continued healthy food production, not simply a few seasons.  In addition to not poisoning the soil with chemicals, they employ cyclical practices such as crop rotation, which naturally enhance and balance the nutrition of the soil.  Remember, soil is the living, breathing foundation that feeds your food.  When you start with a rich, healthy soil, without using chemicals and pesticides, the plant naturally thrives and brings its healthy nutrition and energy into your body when you eat.   

#3:  Economy Eat Local Why Eat Organic?

Organic farming typically takes place on smaller scale, family-owned farms.  Purchasing products from local, sustainable farms supports these families – in our case in East Contra Costa County – many of whom are our neighbors and friends -as opposed to supporting the faceless, unaccountable, conscious-less corporate agribusiness companies.  These family-owned farms are an integral part of our communities and generally hold firm to a philosophy of the interconnectedness of all beings (and right economic actions). From their farm to your table…and into your body…you can taste and feel that commitment. 

#4:  And the Best Reason of All – The Taste!

Organic growers grow with the natural cycle of their region, without growth hormones, stimulants or as mentioned before, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  They allow the food, grown in healthy nutritious soil, to ripen naturally.  They pick it at the peak of flavor and freshness and then rush it to market.  

Fruits and vegetables taste as if you grew them right in your own backyard.  And now more studies are showing that food that is grown this way actually has more nutritional value than conventionally grown food (don’t take our word for it, do some of your own research).  

When you eat organically grown produce, you will find you have so much flavor in your food that you actually need less fat and flavor enhancement to get a truly gastronomical delight!

What does that mean to us? Yum!  At Nature’s Bounty Café & Catering, we start with the best ingredients, primarily purchased from local, sustainable and organic growers and then create quality, super-tasty delights for you and your family. 


So, why buy and eat organic?  

Because it just makes so much sense!  For you and your family – for your own health and to benefit your community, your local economy and of course, dear old Mother Earth.

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For more information on eating organic, buying local and sustainable foods, here are some great references for you:

Here are the Top Ten conventionally grown Fruits and Vegetables that contain the highest concentration of toxic pesticides according to the Environmental Working Group:

  1. Strawberries
  2. Bell Peppers
  3. Spinach
  4. Cherries
  5. Peaches
  6. Mexican Cantaloupe
  7. Celery
  8. Apples
  9. Apricots
  10. Green Beans


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